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Outdoor Adventures in Sherwood Forest

Posted by Shorebread | Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Deep inside of Sherwood Forest - perhaps the home of legendary Robin Hood - runs an enjoyable trail of the same name. Sherwood Forest Trail weaves behind the homes of noble gentlemen and fair ladies. Adventures through the great pine forest offer some refuge for Ocean Pines residents.

This Sherwood Forest is located in Ocean Pines, not in notable Nottinghamshire. Just a few streets into the South Gate of OP there is a leisurely walking/hiking/biking trail available to residents and guests. The Sherwood Forest Trail runs through the 3.2 acre Robinhood Park beginning at Footbridge Trail and ending at Knight Terrace. The trail passes over streets, all named after the famous tale of Robin Hood and his many journeys.
The Public Works Department of Ocean Pines has created several trails inside of the Ocean Pines community. Each trail includes directions, signs, and mileage markers for easy navigation. The following trails run through neighborhoods in the both North and South gates of the Pines: White Horse Park Trail, Bainbridge Park Trail, two trails around South Gate Pond, Swim and Racquet Trail, Somerset Park Loop, and Sherwood Forest Trail. The Sherwood Forest Trail is the longest trek at 2.5 miles.
The trail is marked to begin just off of Footbridge Trail. From its starting point, the path of pine needles and sand curves through thickets of Loblolly and Holly trees. The path runs parallel to many water run-off ditches filled with high marsh reeds and tall grass. The run-off channels have turned into small still-water ponds in some areas and are home to many frogs and even a few turtles.
I’ve seen many Ocean Pines residents take full advantage of this trail. Because it’s easily accessible from the many residential homes lining the side streets, it makes for the perfect spot to walk your dog in the morning and seems to act as a shortcut to neighborhood mailboxes. I always see the same familiar faces when I’m strolling along the trail.
The trail is bike friendly, too. Crews of cruisers or mountain bikes often cut through the woods on two-wheels. Young skater-kids trek through the woods, skateboards in hand, as they travel between friend’s homes.
The Sherwood Forest Trail offers an easy way to get outside and enjoy the local ecosystems that are found in our own backyards. I often write about outdoorsy adventures that you have to travel to, but it’s nice to think about the places close to home sometimes, too. 
Below is a map provided by the Ocean Pines Recreation and Parks Department that shows all of the trails and parks throughout the large community. Check out the Shorebread Outdoor Adventures gallery for photos from the Sherwood Forest Trail and other local hiking spots on the shore. Photos of this particlar trail are shown in the gallery below.
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