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Shorebread Celebrates Eco-Friendliess in April, Join Us

Posted by Shorebread | Thursday, April 05, 2012

At Shorebread, we have a love of the great outdoors—the beautiful backdrop to our lifestyle that is the Eastern Shore; from the wetlands and the coastal bays, to the farm fields, forests of loblolly pines, the sandy shores and the great Atlantic Ocean—we are proud and quite fortunate to make this breathtaking landscape our home. With this appreciation comes a sense of responsibility for maintaining and respecting the world in which we live.

For our part, we bring you stories that showcase our environment. Our bi-weekly Outdoor series is a bit off the beaten path, uncovering lesser known parts of the Eastern Shore. Our articles have taken you on adventures from Deal Island to Assateague Island and everywhere in between ; and we have celebrated our love of nature by taking you on a Christmas Bird Count, and educated you on the types of moss you may find in your own yard, as part of this ever-changing eco-system.

Our love of the Eastern Shore also incorporates ways to live better, healthier, and ultimately fuller lives. We have shown you how to build your own raised bed for growing vegetables, how to test your soil, and we’ve explored all of the options currently offered in the alternative energy field, to see if any of those options make sense for you.

The Eastern Shore is a Mecca for people who feel this sense of environmental and social responsibility, and live their lives and build their businesses with this sensibility in mind. We have brought you a story about The Shark on the Harbor, following the journey of a fish from the decks of a commercial fishing vessel, to the dinner plates at the restaurant—a true ocean to table tale. We’ve explored baking with an all-natural approach, and an understanding of food allergies and sensitivities with Baked Dessert Café. We’ve talked to Grow Berlin Green—the community organization that has done so much good for the town of Berlin, MD, and Lower Shore Land Trust, the group that is working to preserve our landscape for future generations. And we are just getting started...

In the month of April, in honor of Earth Day (April 23rd), Shorebread is celebrating all things eco-friendly. We will follow the path of a recycled object; speak to a business that recycles yard waste and restaurant waste, turning them into fuel sources. We will find out what it truly means to live a sustainable life. We will show you how to make your own compost, and take outdoor adventures to an expansive arboretum—and much more.

In the meantime, if you would like to do your part to individually celebrate Earth Day—and this is a great way to get kids involved—join the movement to pledge towards A Billion Acts of Green. (As of press time, nearly 871 million people had pledged). Visit and pledge your contribution, which doesn’t involve giving any money, just your intention. It’s an easy process. You can simply say, “I pledge to make a garden,” or “I plan to eat more local food;” whatever way you can contribute, is something worthwhile.

As always, we love hearing from our readers. If you make a pledge to the Billion Acts of Green movement, tell us about it. If you know someone in the local community who deserves to be showcased for their lifestyle, their commitment to our environment, or for their business principles—let us know and we may just feature them in an upcoming story. Share with us your love of the Eastern Shore by sending us your photographs or videos of the great outdoors. If you implement sustainability and environmental friendliness in your daily lives—we’d love to know how you do it. Contact us at

Happy Earth Day.

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