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Art of the Belly: An Event Recap

Posted by Shorebread | Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Last weekend, more than 100 confident performers took center stage at Art of the Belly.  Single performers and belly dance troupes performed creative choreographed routines, and taught their audience about Middle Eastern dance.

Art of the Belly was held at the Carousel Hotel in Ocean City. The 2nd annual event featured a line up of dance routines, workshops, and talented performers. Some of the country's most talented and most sought after instructors participated in the 3-day event.

The Carousel ballroom was filled with artist meet-and-greets, workshops, history lessons, and merchandise booths. A Belly Rock band from Pittsburgh, Ishtar, performed periodically throughout the event. The 5-piece band specializes in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean folk melodies that are reminiscent of surf rock style.
Below are some photos of vendor booths and shoppers who attended Art of the Belly. Photos were taken by Jessa Satterfield, a Salisbury local who performed under the name of Luna Scura at the event. Read more about Luna Scura and belly dancing in this Shorebread Article: Belly Dancers Come to Ocean City.

Minxes' Trinkets

by Heather Soulen and Rebecca Burrell of Saint Leonard and Annapolis, MD

Eclectic hand-made jewelry and accessories

Eugenia and Volantie Kastanakis shop for jewelry.

Gypsy Caravan Enterprises

by Chadia of New Jersey

Bellydance costuming, accessories, instruction, and performance

Magical Fashions

by Krishna Dave of Dacula, Georgia

Jewelry and costuming

Stacy Phile shops for belly dance costumes. 

Minxes' Trinkets

by Heather Soulen and Rebecca Burrell of Saint Leonard and Annapolis, MD

Eclectic hand-made jewelry and accessories

Shelly Messick of Ocean City shops for jewelry.

Shimmy Sista

by Glenna Cush of Baltimore, MD

Belly dance attire for plus size dancers and divas

Nomadic Magic Tribal Dance

by Rose 'Roma' McGregor of Salisbury, MD

Shoppers photographed are: Vesper Holly and Sasha Nyx, members of dance troupe, Mortifera

Raven Fly Creations

by Fallyn Cahira of Silver Spring, MD

Jewelry, masks and accessories


Nomadic Magic Tribal Dance

Owner pictured: Rose 'Roma' McGregor of Salisbury, MD


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